Why Choose Sierra Care?

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Sierra Care Sub-Acute Care Patient Services

State of the Art Facility

Inviting, sparkling clean, and surrounded by breathtaking views of natural beauty in every direction, Sierra Care is a cutting-edge congregate living facility. Simply put, we are one of the top subacute care centers in California.

Specialty Nursing

At Sierra Caree, our team of specialty nurses are equipped to provide customized treatment to ensure every individual receives the best possible outcome. From spinal cord injury rehabilitation, to traumatic brain injury rehab, and more -- we’ll put together a care plan that optimizes your specific recovery.

Rehabilitation & Therapy

We’re redefining what’s possible at a subacute rehabilitation center by offering a multitude of therapeutic services administered by our highly trained, and exceptionally experienced staff. Treatments include physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy, registered dietitian services, social services, and therapeutic recreational activities.

24-Hour Inpatient Care

Sierra Care is a true 24/7, round-the-clock congregate living facility. Our physicians are at the leading edge of critical care, catastrophic injury, pulmonary disease and internal medicine. Working together with our industry leading support staff, we are capable of providing respiratory rehabilitation therapists, neuropsychological specialists, and other medical subspecialties to our patients.

Personalized Care Plans

Effective subacute rehab looks at each individual person as a unique case, combining synergistic therapies and looking for ways to create the very best quality of life possible. At Sierra care, we are masters at personalizing our care and approach to each patient, which allows us to enjoy better outcomes and helps our guests feel incredibly valued.

One-On-One Treatment

Our approach at Sierra Care revolves around getting to know our patients -- not just in terms of their medical needs, but also their personalities, preferences, goals, and more. We are incredibly invested in our patients’ success, and we strive to make specialized one-on-one treatment the cornerstone of our operations.

Injury Programs

Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

No matter how a patient develops a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Sierra Care is standing by ready to provide the best rehabilitation program possible. Our science-based approach works to help each patient regain brain function through daily intervention and compassionate, low-pressure care that can result in incredible outcomes over a period of time. Through an integrated physical, cognitive, and behavioral therapy-based approach, we’ve seen incredible outcomes for patients with both acquired and traumatic brain injuries.

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Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

Spinal cord injury rehab plans must be tailored to each individual person in order to achieve the best possible recovery. As soon as a patient is medically stable, Sierra Care is ready and waiting to step in and provide an optimized plan that targets maximum regained functionality. No two spinal injuries are exactly alike, and Sierra Care is uniquely positioned to offer patients one-on-one focus that treats the person as well as the injury.

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Respiratory Support

At Sierra Care, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive subacute respiratory support services we’re able to offer. From respiratory failure management to ventilator support and tracheostomy care, Sierra Care is able to offer 24/7, cutting-edge treatment that maximizes patient comfort. We understand that many patients needing respiratory support may also have medically complex issues such as a wound, neuromuscular issues, or CNS diseases. Thanks to our specialized nurses’ comprehensive training and experience, we’re equipped to handle your unique situation with grace and professionalism.

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Sierra Care is proud to be accredited by The Joint Commision