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Sierracare not only provides industry leading sub-acute care and therapeutic treatments for patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and medically complex illnesses, we also provide all the logistical, technical, and administrative support needed to assure maximum treatment benefit, best cost-of-care while an in-patient, and seamless transition of care upon admission and discharge. We also help to navigate complex health insurance benefits and procedures, including Medicare and MediCal, to assure you receive maximum coverage.

By working together with case managers, payers, discharge planners, and other medical professionals, Sierracare provides a seamless and welcoming transition to our care, and an effortless discharge from our care, each of which, as always, put the patient’s needs first and ensure all needed treatments remain uninterrupted in the process.

What to Expect

From admission to discharge Sierracare’s team of sub-acute care experts and medical professionals ensure that every patient receives the absolute finest care.

Case Management

Sierracare case management coordinators work in collaboration with case managers, discharge planners, and all other relevant medical and administrative personnel.


Sierracare payer relations coordinators facilitate all payer financial relationships, transactions, and make sure you receive maximum cost benefit.

Health Insurance

Sierracare will coordinate all necessary arrangements with your health care provider so that your energy can remain focused on your loved one.

What to Expect

Caring for sub-acute patients who are recovering from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or other medically complex illnesses is a demanding process requiring collaboration, expertise, and hands-on experience from a multitude of different medical specialties.

At Sierracare, our team of sub-acute patient care professionals is among the most highly-trained, well-skilled, and widely-experienced professionals in the industry.

  • During the admission process, Sierracare’s inter-disciplinary group of medical professionals work together to ensure a seamless transfer of care, uninterrupted therapy, and the establishment of a individual plan of treatment and rehabilitation to improve the quality of our patient’s lives.
  • During in-patient stay at Sierracare, in addition to providing the finest sub-acute care available, Sierracare’s team of specialist nurses and other medical professionals will consult and collaborate with any additional medical specialists that optimum recovery and the patients individual needs may require.
  • Upon discharge, Sierracare’s administrator will inform the responsible party about the discharge plan and the patient’s ongoing care and therapy with future care providers.

Case Management

Sierracare’s case management team works closely with the referring case managers, discharge planners, and other medical and administrative personnel involved in your case to ensure that the care we provide is exceptional and meets medical guidelines set by DPCH health insurance providers, worker’s compensation, commercial insurance, independent physician groups, or other payers.

In addition to providing our patients comfort and an optimistic and encouraging atmosphere to live in, our goal during care and rehabilitation at Sierracare is to provide maximum recovery in the minimum amount of time. We accomplish this by customizing personal care plans tailored to individual patients needs.

For long-term recovery, Sierracare also provides education and training to help ensure patients can maintain their highest level of functioning following discharge and continue to enjoy maximum quality of life.


“Payers” is the medical industry’s name for the people or entities who are paying for or reimbursing the cost of health services. Often payers are health insurance companies, worker’s compensation, commercial insurance, or independent physician groups, and often there can be more than one payer per case. This can become confusing and quite involved. Sierracare’s payer experts work closely with all payers involved with your case to facilitate financial arrangements, ensure maximum coverage, cost benefit, guideline compliance, and a hassle-free care and payment process.

Sierracare’s social worker and admission coordinators are available to verify insurance eligabillity and help determine your total benefits, coordinate coverage in the case of multiple policies, and take any other additional steps needed to ensure that you receive everything your policy entitles you to.

Health Insurance

Trying to understand health insurance, health care providers, the Affordable Care Act, and heath care coverage in general can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming.

Sierracare’s health insurance specialists are here to help by administrating and coordinating everything related to your health insurance coverage so you can receive your maximum allowable coverage. Our experts will determine your total benefits, coordinate coverage in the case of multiple policies, and take any other additional steps needed to ensure that you receive everything your policy entitles you to.

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