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Sierracare Patient Services

Improving quality of life while optimizing the recovery process — this is what we do. Every Sierracare patient service we provide has this objective at its core. Sierracare is a Congregate Living Heath Facility where patients recovering from spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular conditions, congenital conditions, or other medically complex injuries, are provided 24-hour inpatient sub-acute care that includes medical supervision, specialty nursing, neuropsychological specialists, physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists, individulaized rehabilitation programs, supportive care, pharmacy services, dieticians, social workers, and recreational activities. All in a scenic and tranquil setting that is the ideal environment for optimum recovery.

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Non-Traumatic brain injury (Stroke, Seizure, Tumors).
  • Catastrophic injury (halo care, ventilation, feeding tube, vac care for wounds that are still in need of healing).
  • Spinal cord injury- Spinal cord rehabilitation begins when patient is medically stable. Our experienced doctors, nurses and therapists implement individualized care plan to improve the patients functionality. Each injury is unique, as well as the treatment plan.
  • Medically complex injury- also known as catastrophic injury. Patients receive specialized 24/7 subacute care they need to reach their recovery goal.

For Sierracare patient service information more specific to your loved one or patient’s needs, please contact us via email or call us anytime at 559-539-1100.

Specialty Nursing

Sierracare’s team of specialty nurses ensure that each individual patient receives the specific advanced treatments needed for their optimum recovery.

Rehabilitation Services

Our rehabilitation specialists provide the most advanced rehabilitation treatments available and further customize each treatment for individual patient needs.

24 Hour In-Patient Care

Sierracare provides around-the-clock sub-acute care, assisted living, rehabilitation and skilled-nursing services for optimum patient comfort and recovery.

Personalized Care Plans

Every person is unique. So is their recovery process. Sierracare’s advanced sub-acute care plans are personalized for the specific needs of each individual.

Specialty Nursing

Nursing comes in a wide variety of specialties. Sierracare’s team of registered nurses are specifically trained to administer a multitude sub-acute care and advanced rehabilitation treatments. Working together, their combined expertise and years of experience ensure that every individual Sierracare patient receives ongoing accurate and in-depth assessments of their condition, and are administered the specific advanced treatments that they in particular need for optimum recovery.

Nursing specialties include expertise in subacute spinal cord injury recovery, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, and medically complex cases such as pulmonary injury or disease, and neuromuscular disorders.

Beyond their classroom credentials, each of our nurses are remarkably caring and compassionate human beings with a deep empathy for their patients — a wonderful attribute that in no small way contributes to patient recovery.

Rehabilitation Services

Sierracare provides a wide variety of rehabilitation services designed to promote recovery, improve quality of life, and provide comfort for those suffering with sub-acute injuries. Included among these are physician assisted services such as internal medicine, neuropsychology, neurology, psychiatry, podiatry, dental services, and other rehabilitations.

In addition to the above medical services Sierracare will also make all needed arrangements for other specialized services beneficial to individual patients.

Our subacute facility also provides a multitude of therapeutic services administered by our highly trained, and exceptionally experienced staff. Treatments include Sierracare specialty nursing services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy, registered dietitian services, social services, and therapeutic recreational activities.

We also provide all supporting laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology services.

Sierracare serves patients ready to leave the hospital as well as those no longer able to have their needs met at home. Many of our patients also reduce the length of their hospital stays because our community-based program offers advanced catastrophic injury care capabilities, including halo care, ventilation and trach care, feeding tubes and vac care for wounds that are still in need of healing.

Rehabilitation begins after a patient is medically stable. Because each injury is so unique, the best treatment options have to be just as unique.

The Sierracare team of experienced doctors, nurses and therapists implement active, individualized care plans that concentrate on improving a patient’s functionality and mobility.

Treatment may include teaching patients how to maneuver a wheelchair in a store, prepare meals, or bathe with little-to-no outside assistance. In the end, they gain more than just increased mobility. They gain greater independence and confidence to help them reach their recovery goals.

At Sierracare, we have the unique experience to help patients achieve a higher quality of life and we match that expertise and dedication with a home-like, community-based environment that is designed to promote emotional well-being and physical comfort.

24 Hour In-Patient Care

The rehabilitation and recovery process continues 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Providing specialty treatments and all of the personal care a sub-acute care patient needs to ensure their comfort and optimum recovery can be an extremely demanding thing to do at home.

Sierracare’s 24-hour congregate living health facility and our team of specialty nurses and rehabilitation experts is here to help. We provide the very latest, most medically advanced, sub-acute treatments such as those needed for recovery from spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, as well as other medically complex cases including patients with neuromuscular disorders, or pulmonary disease and injuries.

If your loved one, or patient, requires more care and treatment than can be easily administered at home, Sierracare’s staff of trained specialists are here to administer industry leading sub-acute patient care and around-the-clock advanced patient services including ventilator care, tracheostomy care, vacuum assisted closure (VAC) therapy, halo brace care, and more; all in a tranquil home-like setting conducive to healing.

Personalized Care Plans

At Sierracare every patient receives personalized sub-acute care and an individualized rehabilitation treatment program that is optimized for their unique medical condition, recovery process, and ultimate success.

As a live-in facility, Sierracare’s specialist nurses are able observe patients continuously, 24-hours a day. Everything we learn though our continuous observation of a patient’s condition, their behavior, their capabilities, and their difficulties, are analyzed. With the help and guidance of our professional team members, we personalize the ideal set of treatments best suited for that patient’s optimum recovery, successful rehabilitation, and quality of life.

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