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Occupational Therapy Services in California

Occupational therapy is central to the recovery from any serious injury or illness. If you or a loved one are recovering from a sudden injury, or are learning to live with a new medical condition, the occupational therapy services at Sierra Care can accelerate your return to your daily life.

A Dedicated Team for an Amazing Recovery

Sierra Care is run by a team of professionals that are dedicated to your recovery. When you choose Sierra Care for occupational therapy you are choosing not only a therapist but a set of facilities, services, and other professionals that are used to speed your recovery. The various teams at Sierra Care all work together to ensure that your recovery is as complete as possible. At Sierra Care you are more than just a patient, you are an individual with unique goals and needs.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is focused on helping you directly practice and perform the skills and activities you perform at home and at work. Occupational therapy programs may be focused around simple tasks such as writing, eating, personal hygiene, and other basic activities. For some patients they also extend to more complex tasks such as driving a car, using a computer, and performing activities that are specific to your career.

  • Occupational therapy begins with identifying skills and tasks that may be more difficult due to an injury or illness.
  • Your occupational therapist works to identify strategies that will allow you to accomplish these tasks more easily.
  • You and the therapist work together to practice these and related skills.
  • A critical part of this process is identifying what works and what doesn’t. Your therapist takes your feedback and their observations, further personalizing these tasks and strategies for you.

What Happens During an Occupational Therapy Session at Sierra Care?

The exact activities that make up an occupational therapy session at Sierra Care are personalized to you and your needs. These activities are not simply exercises or routines that you perform several times at each session. Occupational therapy program activities are personalized, and change as you progress with your therapy. Some common examples are:

  • Handwriting training and practice for patients with hand injuries.
  • Skills focused on safely carrying heavy loads after an injury.
  • Practicing the safe operation of a car with weakness or injury to an arm or leg.
  • Adaptations that allow for cooking, cleaning, yardwork, and other activities around the house.

While these activities may sound easy, nothing can be taken for granted after an injury or illness. By practicing these basic skills you are able to reclaim your independence. Many of these skills are stepping stones to more complex skills that will allow you to excel at school or in the workplace after your injury or illness.

What Makes Sierra Care Special?

Sierra Care is made special by our skilled and compassionate professionals that are all dedicated to your recovery. This is combined with our beautiful, state of the art facilities that create the perfect setting for your recovery. Finally, the large number of services we offer means that we are uniquely able to offer other forms of therapy that will speed your recovery and ensure that you receive complete care.

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    Therapy Focused Around Your Recovery

    Goal Focused Therapists

    Our occupational therapists at Sierra Care are experienced, and highly trained in working with all types of patients. Our therapists focus on your goals to ensure that your therapy sessions are customized to you.

    An Entire Team’s Experience

    Nobody that works at Sierra Care works alone. Every one of our nurses, therapists, and doctors have the experience of an entire team behind them. When you choose Sierra Care for one of our services you get the experience of an entire team.

    Occupational Therapy at Every Level

    Sierra Care’s occupational therapy services are available to all current and prospective patients. We offer residential programs where patients live with us receiving therapy as prescribed by their therapist.