Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services in California

If you or a loved one has experienced serious disability from an injury or medical condition, getting the help you need to live a full and fulfilling life can seem overwhelming. Planning doctors visits, performing household tasks, and staying active can be difficult even without the unique challenges that a disability presents. At Sierra Care we offer supported living services that help you or your loved one to live as independently while having easy access to the resources needed to live life to the fullest.

Skilled Supported Living Services

At Sierra Care we approach supported living with the same level of skill and experience that we are known for in our shorter term rehabilitative services. Our skilled team of doctors, therapists, nurses, and caregivers work to ensure that you or your loved one receives the best possible care. Our supported living programs balance teaching new skills, continuing your recovery and rehabilitation, and providing the mental and physical support you need to maintain your independence.

What Type of Supported Living Services are Offered at Sierra Care?

Sierra Care’s supported living services are as unique as each of our patients. Just as no two disabilities or injuries are the same, you or your loved one will have needs that are unique to any other person. Our services begin with a detailed assessment of you or your loved ones disability, healthcare needs, living situation, and personal goals. With this information we create a detailed supported living plan that grows with you as you meet your goals.

Some of the most common services that we provide to those in our supported living programs are:

  • Assistance with managing medications, monitoring medical conditions, and care of any new health-related issues.
  • Meal planning, preparation, and grocery shopping assistance.
  • Planned social events, recreational activities, and group sessions.
  • Assistance with signing up for, attending, and participating in educational and work activities.
  • Continued treatment by skilled physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, and doctors.
  • Family education about disabilities, injuries, and medical conditions.

Complete and Compassionate Care

Sierra Care’s blend of rehabilitation and personalized day-to-day support ensures that you or your loved one receives the most complete care possible. Our skilled therapists, nurses, care plan managers, and physicians understand many of the difficulties that come from living with a disability, helping them to provide compassionate patient-focused care.

The beautiful and modern facilities at Sierra Care serve as a beautiful venue for both inpatient assisted living and those in the community who attend social events, therapies, and small groups as part of our supported living programs. If you are a loved one feel that they could benefit from supported living services in California contact us today!

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    Our Specialized and Experienced Caregivers

    Sierra Care’s Patient Care Team

    Sierra Care Difference

    Sierra Care offers around-the-clock, 24/7 subacute level of care to our patients, many of whom present with medically complex conditions. Even in cases that require attention from multiple specialized areas, Sierra Care is able to look at the individual’s needs as a whole and custom-tailor their recovery plans. Our spotless, peaceful facilities with breathtaking views provide a pathway to recovery that gives you and your loved ones the keys to a bright, healthy future. Only at Sierra Care can you find this degree of one-on-one personalized treatment combined with 24-hour inpatient care.

    Skilled Nursing = Better Outcomes

    Our skilled nurses and expert physicians are some of the best in their field, and they are emotionally invested in your journey towards healing. At Sierra Care, you’ll have access to a medical staff who are able to provide complex multi-disciplinary treatments that are at the forefront of rehabilitation medicine. From catastrophic injury, to chronic conditions, and even an intentional focus on mental well-being and self-care, the nurses and doctors at Sierra Care are truly some of the most passionate healthcare workers you’ll find anywhere. Come visit us soon and find out what makes this team so special.

    Subacute Level of Care

    Sierra Care’s rehabilitation and recovery process operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Our congregate living health facility features a team of nurses and rehabilitation therapists that is dedicated to helping patients during the in-facility rehabilitation process, as well as the process of transitioning to in-home care.