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Physical Therapy Services in California

Physical therapy is vital to your recovery after an injury or stay in the hospital for any medical condition. The pain, weakness, and loss of physical ability that results from spending multiple days in a bed or from an injury can be significantly improved with specialty treatment by a physical therapist. Sierra Care offers physical therapy services for patients at every level of care in California.

Creative and Dedicated Healthcare Teams

When you choose Sierra Care you are not just picking a group of physical therapists; you are picking a set of clean and modern facilities located in beautiful areas of central California, a team of medical specialists who ensure you are receiving complete and holistic care, and services that will help you communicate with your healthcare team and ensure that your needs are met. At Sierra Care we do not see you as just another patient; we see you as a person with unique goals and needs.

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    What is Physical Therapy?

    Physical therapy is a set of exercises and activities that strengthen the muscles, improving strength, coordination, and the ability to move around safely. Physical therapists are highly trained specialists who evaluate patients and determine which exercises, activities, and treatments are most likely to improve their injuries, disabilities, and areas of weakness in the body. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to improve your ability to move your body. Physical therapists work closely with occupational therapists, who focus more on skills required to function safely at home and in the community. Physicians work alongside physical therapists, monitoring your recovery and prescribing medications that can assist with the healing process.

    What conditions are commonly treated in physical therapy?

    Physical therapists typically treat conditions that make it difficult or painful to walk, move, and get around the house safely. Some of the most common conditions that can be improved by physical therapy are:

    • Recovery from a severe injury
    • Recovery from a heart attack, stroke, or surgery
    • Congestive heart failure
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    • Difficulty moving through your home safely
    • Difficulty with standing or walking
    • Repeated falls in the home
    • Weakness after hospital admission
    • Chronic pain in the arms or legs
    • Chronic back pain
    • Chronic or acute pain in any joint
    • Joints that are stiff or difficult to move

    Most people think of physical therapy as a treatment for injuries. However, many patients with chronic medical conditions such as COPD, heart failure, recent heart attacks, and severe diabetes can benefit greatly from physical therapy. The exercises performed in physical therapy can increase strength, balance, and physical ability, helping patients with chronic medical conditions get the exercise required to maintain the strength and mobility required to maintain their independence.

    What exercises and activities are common during physical therapy?

    No two patients will be treated with the same combination of exercises and activities. The exact exercises chosen during your recovery will depend on your injury, areas of weakness or pain, and how quickly you are recovering. Some of the most common exercises and activities are:

    • Light weightlifting
    • Stretches
    • Range of motion exercises
    • Walking tests
    • Resistance band exercises
    • Teaching regarding activities that are high-risk for worsening pain or injuries

    How do Physical Therapists Help Patients Recover at Sierra Care?

    Physical therapy at Sierra Care takes many forms. Our therapists see patients who live in our residential facilities while they receive subacute care, during our day programs for patients who live in other forms of care facilities, and take appointments similar to a doctor’s office for patients who live at home.

    The physical therapists at Sierra Care will evaluate you, determine how your injuries or medical condition could benefit from physical therapy, and create a unique treatment plan with a combination of exercises and activities.

    What Makes Sierra Care Special?

    Our skilled, kind, and creative therapists are the first part of what makes Sierra Care special. Here you will meet people who care about your recovery and want to take part in seeing you succeed and meet your goals. We provide our therapists with beautiful facilities and modern equipment to ensure that nothing gets between you and your recovery. Finally, our team-based approach lets us identify other services you may benefit from that would be covered by your health insurance, state programs, or a worker’s compensation case.

    Therapy Focused Around Your Recovery

    Goal Oriented Care

    Our physical therapists create unique and personalized plans that are designed to meet your specific goals and needs. This customization will reduce the time you spend in recovery and speed up your return to the daily activities you love.

    An Entire Team’s Experience

    Our therapists never work alone. Every one of our therapists, nurses, and doctors is supported by an entire healthcare team. When you choose Sierra Care for one of our services you are receiving the experience of an entire team.

    Physical Therapy at Every Level

    Sierra Care’s physical therapy services are available to all patients. Almost all injuries, medical conditions, and disabilities can benefit in some way from physical therapy. We offer physical therapy in the outpatient setting and in our residential programs, where patients live at Sierra Care.